Monday, November 17, 2008

Silly Elizabeth

Isaac and Elizabeth are very ornery little kids so they are not allowed in the bathroom without supervision. Because of this I keep two potty chairs in the living room during the day, they have to have their own of course. At nap time I put the potty chairs in their bedrooms to prevent accidents. Well yesterday I left Isaac's potty chair in the living room because I made him sleep on the couch. About 20 minutes after nap time I had not taken Elizabeth's out of her room yet. Isaac decided he needed to go pee so he is going on his in the living room, I guess this reminded Elizabeth she needed to go. She is standing in front of where her potty chair "should" be and pulls her pants down and goes to sit down and plops her butt right on the floor, haha, the potty chair was not there and she did not even look so she fell. She jumped up looked at me and said in her silly two year old tone "No pee on the floor"

Mobile Chloe

Chloe can really get around now. You never know where you are going to find her at any given time. I leave the room for two minutes and she is hiding under the bed or playing underneath her saucer. She is sneaky also, she loves to sneak drinks out of her sister or brother's cups

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